Magic Camera

Magic Camera Version 8.9 Free trial

Webcam management program that turns your PC camera into an experience of light, sound and magic

Some people are boring. Not you, of course. Some people are so boring that when they hold video chats their computers develop a deep desire to grow a pair of arms, a pair of legs, and maybe some other internal organs (such as kidneys, wouldn’t having kidneys be nice?) and start running in circles, plucking the hair they don’t have, praying for some higher force (or for the electric company) to put an end to their misery. Then again, there's no need to cause such grievance to your PC. If you have ever heard of such a boring person, or if you happen to know one, or if you have a friend who has a relative who has had a dog that eleven years ago had bitten someone who knew of such a boring person living in Uruguay, please suggest they use Magic Camera.
Magic Camera allows you to do some neat stuff. It enables you to enhance your webcam with over 1,000 effects, add funny photo frames, add pop up Flash or Gif emoticons and animations on webcam videos, view picture in picture, replace webcam backgrounds in real time, record webcam videos with cool effects and much more (usually when people say 'much more' when describing a software program it means that they have actually nothing further to say but feel obliged to bolster it a little bit more just to be on the safe side).
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